Riding a bike is bliss – until you get 2 flats


riding a bike is bliss

I took the little guy on a bike ride. It was great until he got two flat tires. Then I had to push him. It was really hard. I think I might have pushed him up Mount Everest.

my son riding a bike

9 thoughts on “Riding a bike is bliss – until you get 2 flats

  1. Wonderful pictures but I am pretty sure it wasn’t Mount Everest — but it might have been Mount Hood! I had to push Amara and her bike home once — it really is an uphill battle!

  2. Wow..2 flats…That’s epic! lol I’m glad he enjoys riding. My boys did, and it stuck! Great way to get around, or just get out there and move.

  3. Two? Poor guy!

    Are you being hounded about buying him new tires? Momma, can we go to the store now? Can we Momma? Please. How about now? Can we go now?

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