First week of kindergarten – college next


first day of kindergarten

The school district delayed kindergarten a week, so last week was the first week of school for our youngest child. I can’t believe the little dude is in school now.

waiting for the bus on the first day of kindergarten

All of our kids are in school now. My oldest child started high school this year. In four years, she’ll be off to college. That’s going to be a sad day.

my son's first day of kindergarten

6 thoughts on “First week of kindergarten – college next

  1. It’s so great to watch them grow, but so sad to see the little kids become big kids so fast, at the same time.

  2. You’re right, college is just around the corner. It is amazing how quickly the time flies. I’m betting your wife will be a basket case that first day of college — it is much worse than the first day of kindergarten. He is just adorable!

    1. College is around the corner for the 14 yr old. My wife is not looking forward to the first day of college especially if our daughter is going far away, like she plan on doing.

    1. He loved it. We were all very worried that he would not want to go back. He wanted to take the bus, but had my wife drive to the school to wait for him to get off the bus before he goes to his class.

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