The snow was weak and pathetic


Getting ready to throw a snowball at me
first snow day for 2012 ~ Beaverton, Oregon

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first snow in almost a year. It snowed three out of four days, but we didn’t get much and it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to stick for long. As my youngest daughter likes to say, it was weak and pathetic. Not sure why, but my little girl tells me I’m weak and pathetic all the time. Where did she even hear that expression? She’s only six.

I think he’s either enjoying the moment or falling asleep
my toddler enjoying some snow day

14 thoughts on “The snow was weak and pathetic

  1. Adorable photos. My grandchildren are always coming up with new expressions. The current one from my oldest granddaughter is “stupid” used as a compliment–“it was just stupid good.” I think it’s from TV, but since I don’t watch, I don’t know.

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