Is it suppose to snow in the spring?


toddler making a snow angel

During the winter, we get a lot of snow in the mountains. But we don’t get much snow down here in the valley of Portland, Oregon. So imagine my surprise when I got caught in a snow storm while driving back from an early screening of The Hunger Games [review] last Wednesday night. In all the years I’ve lived here, I don’t remember ever getting snow so late in the year. I feel like I’ve been punked my Mother Nature. At least the kids got to play in the snow this time. But I’m not happy because the little monsters kept throwing snowballs at me when I was trying to take their pictures.

going down a snow slide

my son with a big snowball

my toddler with a snowball

17 thoughts on “Is it suppose to snow in the spring?

  1. Te kids appear to be loving it! We got an unexpected snow fall last week on the surrounding hills sides followed by shirt sleeve weather. It would seem that Mother Earth going through climate change.

  2. No snow at all for us this year! *sad face* We seldom have snow, but then were blessed with some flakes for a couple of years in a row, just enough to spoil us. Not that I would want the huge snowfalls that some areas have to deal with!

  3. The seasons (world wide) are seriously mucked up.
    Our summer was one of the wettest on record.
    But it happens.. and has happened for millions of years.
    Things change.
    And I don’t believe it is ‘the greenhouse effect’ either.
    It’s just evolution.

    The kids look like they had lots of fun.

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